Mytholmroyd Flood Alleviation Scheme

A £32m flood defence scheme to provide better protection for 400 properties in Mytholmroyd.

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February 2020 Flood Review Findings

Following the devastating flooding experienced in Mytholmroyd on 9 February 2020, the Environment Agency has been working to understand the flood event in more detail.  This has included a review of the performance of the existing, new and temporary flood defences, and what lessons could be learned.  The summary of the findings and a more detailed report which accompanies the summary document can viewed below.

Mytholmroyd FAS - February 2020 Flood Review Summary

Mytholmroyd FAS - February 2020 Detailed Report 

About the scheme

The Mytholmroyd Flood Alleviation Scheme has been developed by the Environment Agency in partnership with Calderdale Council, the local community, and partners. VBA, a joint venture comprising VolkerStevin, Boskalis Westminster and SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins business, is the main contractor responsible for its design and construction.

The new flood defences will provide better protection for around 400 properties in the village and are expected to be completed towards the end of 2020.

Vital works to be completed as part of the scheme include: 

  • New, raised flood and improved walls
  • The relocation of Caldene Bridge (this video explains why)
  • Widening of the river channel at key locations
  • Waterproofing of buildings next to the river.

Please click here to view a copy of the Mytholmroyd Scheme leaflet. The leaflet provides background information and explains how we developed the scheme.

The map below provides details of each area of work in the village and approximate timescales.


Contact us

You can contact the project team by emailing or visit the site office at Red Acre Field, Burnley Road, HX7 5DQ to speak to someone.



Following the devastating floods of Boxing Day 2015 and history of flooding in Mytholmroyd, it was important that a flood alleviation scheme was designed and constructed as quickly as possible. To develop the scheme at pace, many aspects of the programme including design work, community consultation, obtaining planning permission and ground investigation work, have run in parallel.

Whilst designing the scheme, work was carried out to protect the village including repairing damaged defences, removing blockages and installing new temporary defences. Data and evidence has been gathered during the inspection process to help develop a better understanding of the catchment and produce computerised models to confirm how certain scenarios for flood risk measure will work.


Working with the community

The views of people living and working in Mytholmroyd have been vital to developing the new flood defences. It has been important to work closely and in consultation with stakeholders and members of the community. In October 2016 a public consultation event was held to get feedback on proposals. Members of the local community were asked to vote on their preferences for some of the wall finishes. Contractors VBA held a supplier engagement day inviting local suppliers and contractors to become involved in the project.


Keeping you informed

Regular meetings are held with:-

  • those directly affected by our work;
  • a stakeholder group which includes representatives from various community groups within the village
  • local councillors and the Business Network Breakfast.

Regular news bulletins are produced to keep you informed of our work as we progress. Read the latest one by clicking on the link at the top of this page or sign up by emailing You can also click here to view our press releases.

For updates follow #MytholmroydFAS and @EnvAgencyYNE on Twitter.



Will the new Flood Alleviation Scheme protect against a flood on the same scale as December 2015?

Unfortunately we can’t totally eliminate the risk of flooding. December 2015 was a 1 in 200 year event (the wettest on record, but also the wettest calendar month overall since records began in 1910).

The completed scheme for Mytholmroyd will substantially improve the level of protection of the village. The growing threat from more extreme weather events means we must always be as prepared and as resilient as possible.

Why is there a need for traffic management for such a long time?

Traffic Management is a necessary part of the work and we recognise the disruption this can cause. Unfortunately, due to how close the river is to the highway, much of our work will be required along the roadside. This means that throughout the scheme, we will almost always need to block off one lane of Burnley Road and have traffic management in place. We have been working in 100m stretches and will do everything we can to minimise the disruption.

Why can’t you just dredge the river?

Our analysis and modelling information shows that dredging will have no significant impact in reducing flood risk in Mytholmroyd. 

Why do you need to cut down trees?

There has been some concern over the number of trees that have been felled in the village. It is unfortunate that we’ve had to lose a number of trees from the village. We understand how disappointing this is for the community, but sadly it is unavoidable to ensure we can widen the river and build the new flood walls. Our aim is to replace every tree we’ve had to remove with two others.



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