Calderdale Flood Action Plan

Our Flood Action Plan sets out the actions that we will take to recover from past floods, reduce the impact of flooding and build resilience for future events.

Volunteers help create a leaky dam by tying several tree trunks together within a water channel.

The Plan was originally published in October 2016 but is a ‘living document’ that has been updated several times to reflect completed, revised and new actions. It is monitored and updated by the Calderdale Flood Recovery and Resilience Programme Board.

Hillsides in Calderdale with low lying clouds
What are the key areas covered in the Plan?

The Plan sets out a programme of work that will help our area to recover from the floods, improve resilience and reduce the risk of flooding. It focuses on four key areas:

  • Strengthening defences – projects and schemes to reduce flooding from rivers and surface water
  • Natural flood management - managing the landscape to slow down the flow of water
  • Resilient infrastructure – strengthening our infrastructure - such as sewer systems, electricity substations and transport routes
  • Community resilience - working with the community to help them to prepare for and recover from flooding

Each area is overseen by an operation group.

To find out more take a look at our Flood Action Plan overview document.


What progress has been made since the Plan was developed?


The Calderdale Flood Action Plan is seven years old and incredible progress has been made since the creation of the plan. Major accomplishments include:

  • £133 million secured so far to fund work across the key themes of strengthening defences, natural flood management, resilient infrastructure, and community resilience
  • Significant progress on flood alleviation schemes across the borough. By 2026, seven schemes are forecast to be complete, providing better protection to over 1,390 properties
  • More than 120 sites in the borough used for natural flood management (NFM) since 2016, involving more than 10 delivery partners, hundreds of volunteers and multiple funding streams
  • Opening of a new Flood Information Centre in Hebden Bridge to help keep the community updated with progress to reduce the risk of flooding in the town

Download our seven years of the Calderdale Flood Action Plan key achievements infographic below. It is by no means exhaustive but highlights some of our key areas of progress.

Consultation leaflet carried in someone's hand
How was the Plan developed?

The Flood Action Plan was put together after consultation with the community and partners. As well as including private businesses and many community and voluntary organisations.

Most of the original actions were gathered through workshops, drop-in sessions and meetings. These actions have continued to develop as the work has progressed.

Ongoing community input

As we deliver and complete more of the actions in the Flood Action Plan we also want to ensure that any new proposals are considered.

Our four operations groups meet on a regular basis discuss any new actions/ ideas brought to the table. If you would like to make a suggestion or have an idea which would support flood resilience in Calderdale please drop us an email at:

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