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Hebden Bridge Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Hebden Bridge Flood Alleviation Scheme is currently being developed, led by the Environment Agency, to improve protection for approximately 400 properties.

Hebden Bridge canal on a summers day.
About the scheme

Hebden Bridge is at risk from flooding from rivers, the Rochdale Canal and surface water. It is in a steep sided valley where three rivers meet – River Calder, Hebden Water and Colden Clough.

The scheme will consist of:

  • Raising and strengthening river walls.
  • Using glass panels and raising barriers to minimise any intrusion on river views.
  • Improving protection to riverside properties.
  • Improving the drainage of surface water with a series of gully systems and pumping stations.

Work was completed at the Vale Centre site on Stubbing Holme Road in April 2021 to repair the dilapidated wall and facilitate installation of the canal overflow. This will be followed by a phased approach to delivering the fluvial elements of the scheme. The project team are planning to hold a public information event ahead of planning submissions to provide more information about the plans for the scheme.

The Environment Agency regularly holds meetings with partners, local councillors and community representatives to provide them with updates on progress of the scheme. A key stakeholder group has been set up - a list of represented groups can be found here.  You can view the latest updates shared at the meeting in the link below.

April 23- Update

Hebden Bridge cinema and street under water following flooding.
Working with the community

The project team has taken part in community forums such as the Hebden Bridge Business Forum and the Disability Access Forum to get feedback on proposals for the scheme.

As details of the design of the scheme develop there will be further consultations with people who are affected to discuss proposals.

A consultation event with the local community was held in June 2017 - the consultation documents are listed below:

1_Hebden Bridge - History of Flooding - Public Consultation 2017
2_Hebden Bridge - General Introduction - The Consultation 2017
3_Hebden Bridge - River Modelling Approach - Public Consultation 2017
4_Hebden Bridge - River Optioneering - Public Consultation 2017
5_Hebden Bridge - Optioneering - Effectiveness - Public Consultation 2017
6_Hebden Bridge - Surface Water Flood Risk Investigation - Public Consultation 2017
7_Hebden Bridge - Surface Water Options Overview - Public Consultation 2017
8_Hebden Bridge - Surface Water - Possible Interventions - Public Consultation 2017
9_Hebden Bridge - Surface Water - Possible Interventions 2 - Public Consultation 2017
10_Hebden Bridge - Canal Flood Optioneering - Public Consultation 2017
11_Hebden Bridge - Upstream Storage - Public Consultation 2017
12_Hebden Bridge - NFM - Public Consultation 2017
13_Hebden Bridge - Outline Proposals - Public Consultation 2017
14_Hebden Bridge - Environmental Constraints - Public Consultation 2017
15_Hebden Bridge - Environmental Constraints - Public Consultation 2017
16-21_Hebden Bridge - Landscape Architect - Public Consultation 2017
22_Hebden Bridge - Impact from baseline - Public Consultation 2017

A report which includes all the public feedback is available here. This report highlighted the issues we need to consider when developing the proposals for the scheme. Historic England and Calderdale planning officers have been consulted to ensure the scheme is sympathetic with the character of the town and heritage.

An initial public consultation was also carried out in 2018 on the Stubbing Holme Road proposals and feedback has been considered for the design.

Contact the project team by email: or call in and see us in the Town Hall on a Monday between 10am - 2pm

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