Flood Action Plan

Calderdale Flood Action Plan – updated December 2019

Since January 2016, the Environment Agency, on behalf of the Calderdale Flood Partnership has worked with Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council and the community to produce a flood action plan for Calderdale. The plan was originally published in October 2016 and updated in June 2017. After consultation with all the delivery partners the plan has again been updated, over winter 2019, showing completed, revised and new actions. 

The revised plan can be viewed by clicking on this link.

To view a brief introduction to the plan, click here.

All the changes made to the plan are shown in Appendix 1. Actions which are ongoing (business as usual) are now shown in Appendix 2. Actions which had been completed by June 2017 are shown in Appendix 3.

Please be aware that it is a big document so consider whether you need to print the document.


2019 infographics

The Calderdale Flood Action Plan was three years old in October 2019 and to acknowledge this important milestone, infographics have been produced to reflect on key areas of progress since 2016. Click here to view the infographics.


2018 update

The below slideshow (October 2018) gives an overview of progress on actions in the Calderdale Flood Action Plan across the four themes of Strengthening Defences, Natural Flood Management (NFM), Resilient Infrastructure and Community Resilience.



Quarterly reporting

A spreadsheet showing recent progress on actions in the Calderdale flood action plan can be viewed by clicking on this link (updated September 2019).

Please click on the links below for previous reports:

We will be continuing to share all the progress on the flood action plan as we go forward.


Ongoing community input

As we deliver and complete more of the actions in the Flood Action Plan we also want to ensure that any new proposals to improve Calderdale flood resilience are still considered.

The four operations groups which lead on the four themes in the flood plan meet on a regular basis and at each meeting discuss any new actions/ ideas brought to the table.

If you would like to make a suggestion or have an idea which you or your community think would support flood resilience in Calderdale please drop us an email at: CalderdaleFAS@environment-agency.gov.uk.


In October 2017 we asked residents across Calderdale their views on the revised flood action plan and what had been delivered up to that date. Click here for a brief report summarising what we did.