01 Oct

Why have a flood kit?

By Sarah-Jayne Robins, Todmorden Flood Group

Calderdale has long had a history of flood events which has left the valley devastated. From the deluge of 1946 to the recent 2015 event, one thing is clear - it pays to have a basic flood kit in your home or business should the worst happen. During an event it is not uncommon for there to be power cuts and so a torch (and spare batteries!) in an easy reach and knowing where your trip switches are is a must have.  

At its most basic a kit comprises a torch and whatever essential items you would need to tide you over until it was safe to leave your property. This could be important medication, it could be a power bank to keep your mobile charged up. Below are a list of items to think about depending on your flood risk and your personal circumstances.

  • Torch (wind up if possible) and spare batteries if battery operated
  • Portable radio to monitor local news (wind up if possible) and spare batteries if battery operated – local stations include Pulse: 102.5 FM and 96.9FM and Phoenix: 96.7 FM
  • Copies of important documents including passport, insurance certificates, flood plan and important phone numbers
  • Essential medicines including hearing devices and glasses, toiletries e.g. wet wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel and a basic first aid kit
  • Dry waterproof clothing and blankets. It is important to stay warm and dry and a change of socks can make all the difference.
  • Mobile phone charger and/or power bank
  • Tinned food and a tin opener. Select foods that require no refrigeration, preparation or cooking.
  • Bottled water as tap water may be disrupted during an event
  • Cash. On Boxing Day 2015, all the cash machines were wiped out in the town centre leaving people with no cash to buy necessities
  • Essential baby items
  • Essential pet items   

It’s entirely up you what you think you may need but by keeping a kit close to hand can make a bad situation a little bit more bearable and safer. For more information please visit https://nationalfloodforum.org.uk/about-flooding/preparing/emergency-flood-kit/