If you spot a potential hazard, you can report it to the appropriate authority using the information below.

If you believe there is real and imminent risk to your life ring 999 immediately.

Hazards will be dealt with according to the authority's procedures. This may not include correspondence with the person who reported the hazard.

Report a Hazard
Property Flooding during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the response to a flood event will need to look a little different to ensure we protect the lives and health of staff, volunteers, those affected by flooding and the vulnerable in our communities.

Click here if you have recently been flooded.

River Flooding

To report flooding of main rivers, call Environment Agency's Floodline (24-hour service) on 0345 988 1188. Click here to see which are main rivers.

Flooding of Highways and Streams

Click here to report flooding of roads and flooding from ordinary watercourses. Ordinary watercourses are not part of a main river and include rivers, brooks, streams, ditches, drains and culverts.

Canal Flooding

If there is serious flooding or a breach which risks lives or property, call the Canal & River Trust on 0800 479 9947. Click here to report non-urgent problems such as high or low water levels.