Be Prepared

Welcome to the "Be Prepared" section of our website. Flooding in Calderdale is becoming increasingly common. Although it is rarely on a scale that creates national headlines, we have seen a number of damaging floods in the last 30 years, including those during summer 2012.

While flooding from main rivers can be predicted, one-off floods can occur unexpectedly and have a significant impact.  These floods typically arise from surface water, canals, smaller watercourses, blocked culverts and road drainage and affect almost anywhere.  

Here you can find useful information about what to do, before (such as now), during and after a flood including a reminder that not everyone has or uses the internet so make sure that when you become aware of a potential flood you warn your friends, family and neighbours.  

There is also a section on flood and emergency related information that you might find useful.

We will be posting more information as and when we receive it, so please check back regularly for the latest news that could help you stay safe. 

Be Prepared Contents

Before Flooding


Six Steps to Protecting your Property

Check your flood risk

Your Area is at Risk of Flash Flooding

Register with Floodline Warnings Direct

My Flood Plan

Create a Flood Pack

Sign up for Weather Alerts

During a Flood

Warn your Neighbour

Eight Steps in the Event of a Flood Warning

How to Build an Effective Sandbag Barrier (Video)

Help I'm Flooding

Driving Through Floodwaters

After Flooding

Flood Recovery

Flooding - West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service


The Most Common Types of Flooding

Who has Responsibility in a Flood?

Business Resilience

Business Flood Plan

Household Resilience

Flood Risk and Household Insurance in Calderdale

Obtaining Flood Insurance

After a Fire - West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service