25 Mar

Work at former Shade Chapel site, Rochdale Road

Update from the Environment Agency:

Following the necessary work to demolish Shade Chapel, the Environment Agency and their contracting partners are continuing work to provide improved flood protection to the area.

Demolition to prevent the risk of culvert collapse and blockage took place last November, reducing the flood risk to the immediate vicinity.

Work since November

Although activity at the site has been restricted by high river levels and freezing temperatures during the winter months, we have been carrying out work to clear the demolition site, removing foundations and undertaking preparation work to install permanent scour protection to the culvert walls.  We have also been repairing and raising existing walls at the edge of the culvert.

We are aiming to complete this current phase of works by June. We will then be able to fully re-open Rochdale road and remove the traffic lights.

Next steps

Modelling work by our delivery partner ARUP has identified further investigative work is now necessary before the remaining section of the culvert can be removed.  We will return to complete work in this area once these investigations have been finalised.


In the meantime, we have been working closely with Shade Primary School regarding the final landscaping designs for the area.  Working in partnership with the school, we hope to provide a natural learning space that engages the children with the watercourse and allows them to experience a safe outside setting, incorporating bug hotels, mud kitchens and vegetated areas. 

The initial phase of this landscaping work is planned to be in place for summer 2021 and will be completed when we return to the area to undertake further work on the remaining section of the culvert.

We will keep you informed as these plans progress.

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