09 Jul

Emergency repairs to Shade Chapel Culvert

The emergency works at Shade Chapel, Todmorden to install temporary propping to the partially collapsed culvert on Walsden Water have now been completed.

The emergency works, carried out by our contractors BAM Nuttall and Duffys Ltd (with support from ARUP) to stabilise the culvert, were essential to prevent the watercourse from becoming blocked.  Significant damage to the culvert caused by the recent flooding events affected the culvert bed, walls and support beams beneath Shade Chapel.    

The temporary propping within the culvert at Shade Chapel involved working in a dangerous, confined environment due to the unstable nature of the building and the extent of the areas that required bespoke support. We have also finished the infill of multiple areas at the base and sides of the culvert, where water would otherwise enter and continue to erode the culvert and building foundations.

As a result of completing these temporary works, our over-pumping arrangement is no longer required and is being removed.  Water is now once again flowing unrestricted through the culvert and given the robustness of our propping arrangement, we are confident this will not impact on its performance, although routine inspections will take place.

The damage to the building has unfortunately proven to be unrecoverable and the temporary propping is not a long term solution for the culvert.  We have been liaising with the owner to understand how we can help them moving forward.  The next stage will be for planning permission to be submitted to Calderdale Council to demolish Shade Chapel and open up this section of the culvert. This aims to provide a significant reduction in flood risk to the local area.  We are working closely with the council to develop requirements to leave the channel in a sustainable condition following any demolition activities.

Although we are currently unable to provide face to face public consultations or letter drops, we will continue to keep you updated via www.eyeoncalderdale.com, and our Twitter account @EnvAgencyYNE. 

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