20 Aug

Update on Mytholmroyd flood alleviation scheme - 20th august 2017

Preparatory work has now started along Cragg Brook for the flood alleviation scheme in Mytholmroyd. The existing walls along the water side are being prepared for the new defence scheme which will help protect the village from flooding. This involves removing a series of large tree stumps so that the walls can be repaired up to the foundation level of the new defences. The next stage will be building the defence on the existing walls. The trees were removed at the end of last year.

This week the project team explained their plans to the ward councillors during a tour of the site.

Demolition of the three properties along the main road through the village is on track. Planning applications are still being prepared for submission to Calderdale Council this month.

If you want to know more about the scheme please visit our flood information centre Monday or Friday, 10am - 4pm, or Wednesday, 1-7pm. Or email us at mytholmroydFAS@environment-agency.gov.uk


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