07 Nov

Tree group searching for planting sites

Press release from Treesponsibility

Landowners who are interested in tree-planting have been invited to get in touch with local group treesponsibility, who can arrange funding and volunteers to help plant new woodlands.

Treesponsibility has been active in the area for over 20 years, working with schools throughout Calderdale, as well as adult volunteers from the local area and further afield. They are now seeking new sites to plant in 2019.

Treesponsibility co-ordinator, Dongria Kondh said:-

“Tree-planting is one of a range of actions which can help build up our area’s resilience to future flooding, as well as benefitting wildlife, absorbing carbon, providing shelter belts and enhancing visual amenity.

“People who are interested in offering land for planting can contact us, and we will arrange an initial site visit. It is important to design schemes carefully to avoid disturbance to nesting sites of rare birds, and take ecological considerations into account. If the site proves to be suitable, we can do the tree-planting work at no cost to the landowner. For larger sites funding may even cover fencing”.

The group can be contacted at treesponsibility@yahoo.co.uk, or by telephone on 07847 815 926

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