16 Jun

The final stages of the demolition of Caldene Bridge in Mytholmroyd

Contractors VBA, employed by the Environment Agency, have reached the final stages of the demolition of the old Caldene Bridge following the opening of a new wider bridge in Mytholmroyd last month.

 Removal of the bridge has taken four weeks and has been completed in stages including:

  • installing temporary scaffolding to allow contractors to safely access all the areas needed to be dismantled
  • breaking out the road surface of the old bridge deck
  • lifting the beams out using a crane.

The original Caldene Bridge opened in 1909 and was the first in the country to be constructed of reinforced concrete. It was replaced in the early 1990s by the present structure. However, Caldene Bridge was a major constriction to the flow of the river and contributed towards the Boxing Day 2015 flood event in Mytholmroyd.

The new bridge opened on Monday 18 May and it has been designed to help reduce flood risk in Mytholmroyd. Excavation works beneath the new bridge are almost complete making this area nearly twice the size of the one being demolished.

Replacing the old bridge is a major milestone in the £35m Mytholmroyd Flood Alleviation Scheme which will better protecting around 400 properties from the risk of flooding in the future. All work is being carried out in line with government and industry guidance for safe working during the coronavirus pandemic.

Paul Swales, senior flood risk advisor for the Environment Agency, said:

“We would like to thank local people and the wider community for their patience, understanding and cooperation during the disruption caused throughout construction.

“There is still work to do but opening the new bridge and demolishing the old one is a major milestone for the project and will help better protect residents and businesses in Mytholmroyd from flooding in the future.”  

Mytholmroyd Flood Alleviation Scheme is set to be complete later this year. The flood defences have been developed by the Environment Agency in partnership with Calderdale Council. Design and construction of the scheme is being carried out by main contractor VBA, a joint venture comprising VolkerStevin, Boskalis Westminster and SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins business. Work is continuing on the scheme in line with government and industry guidelines around safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

The cost of rebuilding the bridge has been around £7m from Government funding with a £1.6m contribution from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).This funding was provided under Priority Axis 5 of the ERDF which promotes climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management.

The advice from the Environment Agency continues to be sign up for the free flood warning service as the risk of flooding can never be eradicated, especially with the impact of climate change.

For more information about the Mytholmroyd Flood Alleviation scheme visit: https://eyeoncalderdale.com/mytholmroyd-flood-alleviation-scheme

If you have any queries about the scheme please email: mytholmroydFAS@environment-agency.gov.uk

To register for the Environment Agency’s flood warning service visit https://www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings or contact Floodline on tel: 0345 988 1188. If you are already registered, do check that your details are correct.