25 Sep

Environment Agency work at Phoenix Bridge, Brighouse

The Environment Agency are currently onsite clearing debris from the channel at Phoenix Bridge.

Immediately following the flooding in February 2020, the Environment Agency installed “jackboxes” and “dumpy bags” which are 1m high earth filled temporary barriers which provide robust defence against large volumes of water.

Phoenix Bridge has been identified as a priority on our Asset Recovery Programme and works to ensure that the watercourse and defences are “winter ready” have commenced. The work to clear the debris from the channel will continue next week and aims to ensure that we have maximum channel capacity. In addition to the works in-channel, we are replacing some of the dumpy bags to ensure resilience.

We are also investigating further enhancement to the temporary defences and will provide an update when an appropriate solution has been reached.

If you have any questions about the work, please contact us by email BrighouseFAS@environment-agency.gov.uk