28 Mar

Please share your information on the 16 March flooding

From Calderdale Council - Edited 3/4/2019

Were you affected by the flooding on Saturday 16 March? Were you unable to make it to the drop-ins after the incident?

Even if your property wasn't flooded, any information you have will help us with our investigations so please complete this survey and email it to llfa@calderdale.gov.uk before Friday 12 April along with any photos/videos, including details of where they were taken, to inform our analysis of the incident and help us decide on appropriate follow-on actions.

Our flood risk management team is carrying out the investigations as part of its Section 19 report. As Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), the council is required to produce this report which will cover the affected areas and their flood history, information gathered during the investigation, the flood risk management authorities involved and recommended flood resilience actions.

You can view their Initial Event Analysis Report here.

Thank you for your help.

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