27 Nov

Chance for Calderdale businesses to feed back on flood insurance

After 2015 many insurance providers refused to insure for flood damage, or provide insurance at all, and those that did often charged prohibitively expensive premiums or excesses. Some programmes have been set up to help with his, notably the Flood:RE scheme, but businesses are still struggling.

Calderdale Council’s Business and Skills team is inviting businesses to fill in a survey to help build a better understanding of the situation. If you own a business in one of the areas impacted by the 2015 floods (even if your business wasn't directly affected), they would be interested to hear from you.

Information gathered through the survey will be passed on to the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The information will be shared with central government to try and influence the insurance sector.

Please click here to access the survey online. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 11 December.

Posted in: business resilience, insurance