19 Mar

Calderdale Drainage Asset Telemetry

Following the Calderdale Flood Action Plan, a need has been identified for a greater amount of monitoring of our drainage assets. It is critical that they are functioning correctly because if a blockage occurs there is the potential for flooding in the surrounding area. Telemetry installation will aid our flood warning system and inform teams in a timely manner when maintenance is required. The camera which will be installed will transmit an hourly image as well as water level monitors upstream and downstream of the asset. This is soon to be in the process of being installed at:

· Nutclough Screen

· Stoney Royd Lane Catch Pit

· Jumps Road Screen

· Copley Valley Screen and

· Redwater Clough Screen

These have all been identified as areas where there is potential flood risk if maintenance is not carried out when necessary. The data from the equipment will be sent to a cloud portal where it will be viewable by persons within the Council’s flood risk team.

A pilot study for water level monitoring on some of the more minor watercourses in Calderdale is also in the works.