05 Mar

Brighouse Phoenix Bridge Post Flood Works

Phoenix Bridge - post flood works

Immediately following the flooding in February 2020, which caused the collapse of the parapet between Phoenix Bridge and Clifton Road Bridge, the Environment Agency installed “jackboxes”. These are 1m high earth-filled temporary barriers which provide robust defence against large volumes of water.  Phoenix Bridge has been identified as a priority on our Asset Recovery Programme. We are working with Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council to reach a permanent solution to increase flood resilience at this location, whilst complying with highways requirements.

Whilst a more permanent solution is developed, we have replaced the jack boxes with legato blocks. Legato blocks are pre-cast concrete blocks which will provide a longer term temporary defence at this location. This improvement will decrease the level of obstruction to the pavement and provide more durable temporary resilience. We have also removed the remaining section of the wall so that it cannot collapse further and cause a blockage in the channel.

Work was also undertaken to clear debris from within the channel between Clifton Road Bridge and Phoenix Bridge to improve the flow of Clifton Beck through the culvert.


Image 1: new legato blocks.                                   Image 2: remaining wall removed and debris cleared.

If you have any questions about the work, please contact us by emailing BrighouseFAS@environment-agency.gov.uk.  If you would like to receive future newsletters about our work in the area by email, please let us know by sending ‘subscribe’ to the above email address.

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