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How Do I Use the Map?

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What's on the Map?

By default, the map shows traffic speed and the location of the Environment Agency's river gauges  (and during a flood warning any Flood Alerts). 

The road colours indicate the speed of traffic on the road.

  •     Green means there are no traffic delays
  •     Orange means there's a medium amount of traffic
  •     Red means there are traffic delays. The more red, the slower the speed of traffic on the road.

The colours of the river gauge pins each have a specific meaning as shown in the map legend.

Clicking on a gauge pin will open up a window of information taken from that gauge.

Please note the river gauges do not show the risk from flash flooding, however the flood alerts (when activated) will.

The larger Alert pin when clicked shows the current flood alert warning and the colour of the river shows the alert level at the time.

Alerts are live 24/7, straight from the Environment Agency. Alerts are updated every 15 minutes to keep you informed about flood risks in your chosen area.

There are several layers on the Eye on Calderdale map that are not activated by default.

Clicking the "What's on the Map?"  button at the bottom of the map will slide open the map legend panel. 

Clicking on each option opens up a explanation of what each layer or option means and they can be activated and deactivated using the tick box beside each. 


Other "What's on the Map" Options

Selecting the Flood Risk option will show the areas that have previously been at risk of flooding from rivers.

Local Traffic Disruptions show where known roadworks are happening and the severity of the disruption (clicking on a pin will show you further details of the work being carried out).

Alternative Routes and Diversions show possible bypass routes that can be used in the event of a flood. 

(NOTE: These routes are recommended for local access only with limited through route. NOT for vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes. These suggested routes DO NOT necessarily bypass other potentially flooded locations in the area.)

You can close the menu at any time by using the click to close option shown at the top right on the map legend or by moving the map.


Searching for a location

Use the search option in lower left-hand corner of the map to search for a postcode, town or city within Calderdale and check for information pertaining to that area.

To move the map (pan), simply click and hold your mouse, then drag the map. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the map north, south, east, and west.

Zoom in and out by using the  zoom in zoom in zoom out ​zoom out buttons or slider in the top left corner of the map. You can also double click to zoom in, or use your mouse scroll or trackpad to zoom in and out.

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How Do I Use the Alerts?

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Lists of the latest alerts appear in several places on the site including the home page and most prominently on the Alerts page.

Home page

On the home page, in the event of an Environment Agency flood warning, an amber banner will appear to tell you that there is a risk of flooding and remind you to be prepared and warn your neighbour. Red banners display if flooding has occurred.

There is also an official message banner (blue in colour) which may display to show important messages from partners or warn of flood related hazards.

Under 'Current flood warnings', beside the map, there will be a display showing the various different alerts available. 

The Traffic & Rail Warnings widget shows the current alerts active within the Calderdale area for road, rail and bus networks.


Alerts page

For a more detailed view of all the current alerts and warnings, please visit our Alerts page.


Types of flood warning

The summary widget shows the current alerts active within the Calderdale area. This booklet explains the various flood warning levels.


Current alerts

The Current Alerts list contains text information about each of the currently active alerts for Flood, Traffic, Rail and Bus Network within the Calderdale area. Each of these types can be switched between by using the "Show only" options in the top right of the list.

To view more details about each alert, simply click the item in the list to expand it out.

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How Do I Warn my Neighbour?

Not everyone is a computer user or regularly visits websites.

You may know neighbours, friends or family that may be at risk of imminent flooding but wouldn't necessarily know. This is your opportunity to be a good neighbour and warn them.

The Warn your Neighbour page was set up to allow you to email the current flood warning alerts and warnings as well as attachments such as useful contacts list or a leaflet on what to do before, during and after a flood to someone who may be at risk.

It is always advisable to follow up any emails with a telephone call to ensure they received the warning.

There is also the ability to print off the warnings and manually post through the doors of your friends and neighbours if they live close to you.

Be a good neighbour and warn others of the risk of flooding.

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How Do I Check if I'm at Risk of Flooding?

To check if you're at risk of flooding, type in your address or postcode in the check your flood risk location box and press enter. You can get a more accurate location by by zooming in on the map and manually moving the pin to the exact position of your property. 

The blue areas on the map represent the different levels of flood risk. You can change the opacity of these areas by using the slider on the "Check my Location" panel.

Please remember, this ONLY checks your risk of flooding from rivers - even if you get a "not at risk" message, your property or business may still be at risk of localised or flash flooding.

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