15 Apr

Minutes of the AGM 25-03-2015

Hebden Bridge Flood Action Group

Annual General Meeting at Hebden Bridge Town Hall, Wednesday 25.3.2015

  1. Present: Judi Chrysanthou (Chair),Jae Campbell(CMBC), Mark Adams, Kathleen Eidson, Ken Collins, Sarah Ratcliffe (CMBC), Andrew Coen (EA), Ellie (Valley Organics Workers Co-op), Andrew Entwistle, Steve Hoyle, John Ludlam. Apologies: Paul and Diana Monahan.
  2. Review of the year: Judi Chrysanthou presented a report of the year’s work (see previous post). Steve Hoyle presented a breakdown of spending to date and the merged remaining funds which have now been transferred to Hebden Royd Council for the use of the Flood Groups. Most of this is committed for stocking the Flood Stores. John Ludlam has submitted an application to the Community Foundation for Calderdale for the £1000.00 earmarked for each Flood Group some time ago. Jae Campbell now has the Flood Warning road signs which are now ready for handover.
  3. So, Farewell, DEFRA project:  Sarah Ratcliffe referred to the contionuing business resilience work and the development of an approved list of contractors. There was discussion of the management of the Flood Stores when stocked. The keys for the stores at the Picture House and the ATC were handed over. There are some issues to be resolved at the other two proposed sites: Bridge Lanes is a good site but needs liaison with neighbours and Calderdale Parking Services. The EA remains concerned about safety at the Murts site during a flood. The risks were acknowledged and there was a clear need for a different risk management procedure here if the site is to go ahead. It was agreed that the final decision should follow a fuller discussion with the residents who will use the store. Sarah was thanked for her work. She plans to arrange a workshop to look at the work of the Community Project Board.
  4. Review of constitution and discussion of closer working with the Mytholmroyd Flood Action Group: It was agreed that the constitution should be amended within the next six months to merge the Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd groups. Robin Dixon is currently unwell and we were therefore not sure if the Mytholmroyd group has met to formally agree this yet. We agreed to await further information, and that Sarah Ratcliffe would send John Ludlam Esther’s contact details to explore whether she knows more.
  5. The following were elected/ re-elected: Chair-Judi Chrysanthou, Vice Chair-Andrew Entwistle, Treasurer-Steve Hoyle, Secretary-John Ludlam.
  6. Any other business:

It was agreed that one person should act as contact for the Flood Stores.

Jae Campbell demonstrated the Eye on Calderdale website which is now ready for testing. It is available on home computers, tablets, and mobile phones. All feedback welcome.

Mark Campbell talked about his company’s Flood Barrier services, based in Pecket Well (mark@calderflood.com).

Date of next meeting: 6th May, 5.30 at Hebden Bridge Town Hall