09 May

Minutes of Meeting held 17-03-2016

Present- Andrew Entwistle (Acting Chair), Jo Arnold (EA), Mick Davies, Sarah Jayne, Robin Dixon, Steve Hoyle.Apologies-John Ludlam, Judi Chrysanthou.

Minutes of meeting held on 21-01-2016- Thes were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Matters arising- All matters were covered by the agenda.

Forthcoming events - SJ suggested holding a presentation in June/July to inform the public of various aspects of flood resilience such as

-The meaning of different levels of ALERT.

- How to sandbag a doorway.

-The use of the Eye on Calderdale website etc.

AE suggested the above may be tied in with the annual siren test.

Flood Stores-A small amount of restocking is still required. AE is co-ordinating this.

RD is to investigate the possibility of purchasing, siting and stocking a flood store in the Luddendenfoot area at a total cost of approximately £3500. RD requested the purchase of two domestic power washers at a cost of £100 each to be based at the Mytholmroyd Flood Store for use during clear up operations. He would be responsible for ensuring their safe upkeep, regular PAT testing and training of operatives etc.

AE has aquired FOC a quantity of interlocking rubber blocks to be used for diverting floodwater during future events. Their usefulness has yet to be determined.

AE reported that the mislaid padlock for the ATC store had been located and refitted.

Finance- It was agreed that the group bank balance should be maintained around the £7000 mark to allow for future re-stocking of the flood stores. The present balance of £11,800 will enable the purchase and stocking of a flood store in Luddendenfoot and will maintain the required balance.

Seperate funding should be sought for any further major items of expense.

Any other business- Communication between flood wardens during flood events was discussed and it was agreed that RD would trial the use of two 5watt 2way radio's to ascertain their effectiveness with a view to purchasing up to 8 units at a cost of £100 each

Date of next meeting- Tues 10th May   4pm H/B Town Hall.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The above meeting will be followed by a Major Resilience Board meeting to which all flood group members are encouraged to attend as "Future Strategy" will be the main item on the agenda.