12 Dec

Hebden Royd Flood group Minutes - 29th November 2016

1          Present: Andrew Entwistle, Paul Monahan, Diana Monahan, Stephen Hoyle, Robin Dixon, Tim Foulds, Alan Reardon, Scott Hope, John Ludlam, Tim Walton, Gareth Clarke, Hannah Cottrill, Ulrika Schulte, Isabelle Graillet, Sarah Jayne Robins, Judi Chrysanthou, Jason Boom

  2          Minutes of 6.9.2016 Agreed

  3          Matters arising, unless covered by the agenda None

4          Financial update Jason Boom, Clerk to Hebden Royd Town Council gave a financial update. Following recent purchases where work has been done without proper agreement, he reminded the group of the agreed protocol for purchase of goods and services through the Treasurer. The protocol ensures that VAT can be reclaimed and protects all in the group. It must be followed. The protocol can be reviewed and changed if the group agrees to do so.

Action: Secretary to circulate the protocol for review at the next meeting.

5          Flood Stores/ Plans including update from Mytholmroyd wardens.

AE gave a lengthy update on the flood stores. A container is now in place and stocked at The Shoulder/ Mytholmroyd. The store at Bridge Lanes/ Hebden Bridge has now been restocked. The rubber Ecoblocks held there were very useful in the recent heavy rainfall and they may be useful elsewhere. A longer term solution to the Horsehold/ Palace House Road area is included in the work planned by the EA.

AE took the detailed notes on this area with suggested items needed at the Bridge Lanes store. AE said that diversion of contaminated road run off into the canal as a permanent arrangement is problematic. AE reported that the Picture House/ Hebden Bridge store access has now been improved. The expenditure of £670.00 was agreed retrospecttively (see 4 above). A discussion of torches, lighting on stores, and the most practical ways of ensuring they are charged and ready for use followed, but no clear decisions were made. Ae said that at the ATC/ Hebden Bridge store-there is a need to update the keyholding arrangements. In Mytholmroyd combination locks are used. White boards-AE asked for details of suppliers-The Range, Halifax was suggested. The distance between the Picture House store and Bridgegate has caused problems. The current location followed it’s move from a (slightly) nearer location due to objections from neighbours.

Would there be a better alternative to wheelbarrows for transporting materials over longer distances. A debate about sandbags (what/who are the flood group sandbags for, do people know how to use them effectively, is a supply needed at Pecket Well?) followed. There was then a discussion about phone numbers of wardens, which are made publically available in Mytholmroyd but not in Hebden Bridge. JL passed on an e-mail from the warden and residents at Callis suggesting an alternative site for a store and contents. AE to follow up. A discussion on road closures followed.       

6          Resilience Board/ Catchment Plan. This followed the Flood Group meeting, meaning there was insufficient time to discuss other matters. An Ea drop in has been arranged from 3.00 to 7.00 at the Town Hall on 30 November.

7          AGM 28th February 2017: Items will include a new secretary and treasurer and review of the constitution.

8          Flood Studies Network (Temporary flood barriers), and Slow the Flow group. Not discussed.

9          Any other business. An unstructured discussion of Mytholmroyd’s separate discussions about funding containers and contents through CFFC began. Bridges causing dams was mentioned. Steve Hoyle reminded the group of the insurance conditions in relation to working in water.

10       Date of next meeting.  AGM 3.30 on 28 February 2017