04 Jul

Hebden Royd Flood Group Minutes 29th June 2016

1          Present: Jo Arnold (EA), Cllr Catherine Crosland (Hebden Royd), Sara Jayne Robins, Judi Chrysanthou (Chair), Steve Hoyle, Andrew Entwistle, John Ludlam.

Apologies: Mick Davies, Diana Monahan, Robin Dixon

2          Minutes of 17.3.2016: Agreed

3          Matters arising, unless covered by the agenda: SJR’s suggested presentation was discussed along with suggestion of a Town Flood Drill. We agreed that: The presentation would be useful at events and group meetings, it could be placed on Eye on Calderdale, it could refer to the detailed explanations issued for each alert/ warning, and that SJR/ AE/ MD discuss Flood Drills at the next resilience board meeting, asking Calderdale/EA to consider leading, involving the emergency services.

Simple posters have been developed by the EA for Copley-JA will send a sample. The EA will have a presence at the Community Foundation office near the Picture House on Thursday afternoons from 7th July onwards.

4          Financial update: SH said little spending had taken place since the last meeting, with a balance of over £11,000. He has been told that RD is ill but that Mytholmroyd have a new group of wardens/ volunteers. SH is willing to revert to the Treasurer role temporarily. We recognized that we had relatively recently merged finances with Mytholmroyd and changed the constitution to reflect this. We also noted the savings of insurance costs which resulted. We agreed that new representation from Mytholmroyd may be needed if Robin is unable to attend. AE (and SJR) to attend their meeting next Tuesday to explore this and whether they might wish to supply a Treasurer.

5          Flood Stores

Wood Villas: The complaint from the nearest neighbour was discussed at length. It was agreed that his suggested solution had its own safety and practical drawbacks. We agreed that:

AE would meet with Calderdale staff to devise a brief to secure and possibly lower the container where it now is, and then obtain costings.

The surveyor who has expressed concerns about the current arrangement should be consulted about the proposed changes.

This information would then be discussed with local residents, including the person who has complained, at a meeting or individually.

JC would contact the person who has complained to confirm that we have discussed his worries and are looking at solutions.

Possible new stores: Possible new stores in Mytholmroyd (2) and Luddendenfoot are being looked at. AE to follow up at the Mytholmroyd meeting next week. there was some discussion of a possible need for an extra store in Hebden Bridge near St George’s Square if a site could be identified.

Existing stores: AE said these are mainly re-stocked except for Wood Villas (see above). At the Picture House materials are there but sandbags need to be filled.

6          Catchment Plan: Jo Arnold gave a briefing on this work. The September resilience board meeting may need to be brought forward to meet deadlines for the plan. An initial community workshop has been held and groups will be meeting for each workstream. JA will also be engaging with other professional partners working on Incident handling and emergency planning.

7          Mick Davies-request for ideas on future needs/ plans which might be funded from flood money: Ideas included:

            Removable barriers (expensive but re-usable)

            Extra modeling (JA said this need may be met elsewhere)

            Communication systems for wardens/ volunteers

            Training for wardens

            Twinning and/ or field trips for wardens/ volunteers

            A keep safe project for people at risk, with input from health and emergency services

            Flood drills

            Paid worker to support Flood Groups – writing plans, organizing events, recruiting and supporting volunteers

8          Any other business: A visitor to HB has written asking for advice on where she can donate. The group agreed to suggest the Community Foundation-JL to respond.

9          Dates of next meeting: 4.00 pm on 6 September 2016, 29 November 2016, and 28 February 2017