01 Feb

Hebden Royd Flood Group Minutes - 24th January 2017

1          Present:

Mytholmroyd: Tim Walton, Cllr. Karl Boggis, Nigel Robertshaw, Alan Reardon. Hebden Bridge: Judi Chrysanthou (Chair), Andrew Entwistle (Vice Chair), Steve Hoyle (Treasurer), John Ludlam ( Secretary). EA Jo Arnold Calderdale MBC: John Beacroft-Mitchell

2          Meeting on 29.11.2016-Minutes/ Matters arising :

Deferred to allow more discussion time.

3          Interaction within the Hebden Royd group:

SH summarized the history of the merging of the Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd groups  formed after the 2012 floods, both funded through Calderdale by DEFRA. Hebden Bridge had also applied for £1000.00 awarded to each group by the Community Foundation after 2012 but Mytholmroyd had not. The merger had been suggested for several reasons, including initially limited interest in Mytholmroyd, a focus there on clean up after a flood, and the fact that Hebden Bridge were a constituted group with an offer from Hebden Royd Council to hold funds on behalf of the group and had a focus on prevention and (at that time) plans for more Flood Stores. The impact of the 2015 floods prompted recruitment of a more active group in Mytholmroyd and a greater demand for Flood Stores in that area.

A discussion of whether there should be separate groups followed. JBM said that one advantage of separate groups may be that each would have “a bite of the  cherry” when seeking funds. Others thought there could be efficiencies from a single group in terms of formal constitution, management of finances, and insurance. Arrangements to allow speedy decision making, sound financial checks, and separate local meetings to deal with local flood plans would be needed. The meeting confirmed that all ordering should be via the Treasurer, to avoid unreasonable demands on Hebden Royd Council and ensure financial good practice. The hope is that the Council will continue to administer the funds longer term with these safeguards. The consensus was to continue to co-operate as a single group with a single Treasurer.

4          The make up and operation of the committee:

There was agreement to start with meetings every two months, with additional meetings if a flood or other event made it necessary, and to consider changing the meeting time to evenings. Reports would include separate updates from each area. The committee would have four representatives from each area.  

5          Distribution of roles on the committee:

There will be a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. JL (Secretary) and SH (Treasurer) are standing down at the AGM. Mytholmroyd may wish to nominate replacements.  JC and AE are willing to continue. Each area will nominate two people for “officer” roles, for decision at the AGM in February.

6          AGM/ Constitution:

We identified no immediate need to change the constitution. JBM suggested we add a requirement for an AGM. This has been the practice but making it a requirement may protect the group in future. JA will explore whether the EA can meet the cost of refreshments (for 25) at the AGM and SH will organize the room booking.

7          Insurance/ Renewal:

The number of flood stores and volunteers has changed significantly since the policy was arranged by Sarah Ratcliffe. JBM will co-ordinate the details required by Zurich/ Tennyson Insurance. AE and AR will supply him with the information for Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd respectively. The renewal date is 10.2.2017.

8          Finances:

SH reported that the remaining balance is around £1700.00 and reminded the group that there is no overdraft facility! JA and JBM informed the group of Community Foundation and Calderdale budgets, and of the intention to operate a standard basic stocking for every flood store, bought centrally. The group emphasized their desire to obtain best value and to use local businesses wherever possible. AR reported that GMB had made a grant of £1000.00, £500 of which has been spent on torches, the remainder being committed to buying radios for Mytholmroyd. Future funding was identified as a topic for the upcoming networking meeting. The following potential needs were mentioned: Insurance, topping up stores, room hire, publicity, training and support for warden groups, temporary barriers.

9          Any other business:

Jo Arnold mentioned 2 events for Flood Wardens: Networking meeting on Wednesday 8th February 4.30 - 7.30 HB Town Hall. Water Safety Training on 15 or 16 February 7.00 – 9.30 p.m. Mytholmroyd Community Centre.

10        Date of next meeting:    Annual General Meeting – all welcome.

 3.30 p.m. at 28th February 2017 Hebden Bridge Town Hall