12 Sep

Hebden Royd Flood Group Minutes 6th September 2016

 1          Present:

Jae Campbell Calderdale MBC, Sarah Jayne Robins Todmorden FG, Jo Arnold EA, Alan Reardon Mytholmroyd FG, Stev Hoyle, Robin Dixon, Mytholmroyd FG, Judi Chrysanthou Chair, John Ludlam.

Apologies: Lynnette Evans, Andrew Entwistle.

2          Minutes of 29.6.2016: 


3          Matters arising, unless covered by the agenda:

Jo Arnold gave further information on resilience events and services:

Flood Warden seminar Leeds Sat 10th September

There is a new number for power cut information - dial 105

Gov.uk Flood Information Centre has been updated-5 day forecasts, and information on river levels. She urged people to use the “Agile” feedback tool if they had comments on the design.

Operation Spielberg (!) is a Calderdale led flood drill on 14th October and will include use of sirens

Annual Flood Action Campaign will be the first 2 weeks of November, targeting 18-34 year olds

4          Financial update and link with Mytholmroyd:

SH gave an update from the report provided by Jason Boom, Hebden Royd Town Clerk. The current balance is £10,500. The treasurer role was discussed. RD is unable to resume, but SH is willing to continue to cover the role. It was agreed in principle that Mytholmroyd wardens/ FG should have at least one of the “officer” roles when practicable.

RD will follow up the Community Foundation grant application for Mytholmroyd, and the question of walkie talkies/ handsets. JA informed the meeting that Calderdale is about to provide 2 radios per warden group (Hollie Goode in Calderdale is the contact). It was agreed that we should explore whether other equipment would work with these before making any decisions to purchase additional communications equipment and to place communications on the agenda for the next meeting.

5          Flood Stores:

Existing Stores –AE has reported that blocks made from recycled car tyres, used to divert water on Horsehold Road, had been removed. Some have been recovered from a business nearby. If any others are found please let Andrew or Jae know. Picture House, Bridge Lanes, and ATC have been restocked.

New stores-no information is available about Luddendenfoot. Mytholmroyd plan 3 new stores, possibly at the Shoulder of Mutton, Dusty Miller, and WMC. Experience to date suggests the need to be very aware of possible neighbour disputes and to consult carefully when planning new stores.

Wood Villas - AE plans to arrange moving this container (now empty) to The Shoulder of Mutton, Mytholmroyd around16/7th September on his return from holiday. Murts have said they plan to extend their forecourt and another neighbour will provide space for a small garden store if Murts cannot accommodate a small shed. AE to follow up and let others know if help needed.

6          Resilience Board:

Attendance from the group was confirmed. MD is the current chair and has reviewed the Terms of Reference.

7          Catchment plan drop in at HB Town Hall 15.00 to 20.00 - 15 September 2016:

it was clarified that this is an open event. MD asked the group to focus on the resilience section of the plan and feed their comments back to him.

8          Flood Studies Network-Temporary flood barriers:

JC reported on the work of this group, and requested approval to pay £275  (refundable if purchase are made) to a company who supply temporary barriers for a survey (meeting Simon Crowther next Wednesday) of potential sites. There was a lengthy discussion after which payment was agreed unanimously. Key points included: permanent raising of walls may be up to 2 winters away, the costs may be too large for a community group, businesses should be asked to contribute unless the walls are used for community buildings such as flood hubs, Community Foundation may be able to fund up to £6K.

9          Any other business:

The Community Foundation have expressed concern that the group is not acknowledging their grant. Action: JL to send Jae the Community Foundation logo to insert in the Flood Group page on Eye on Calderdale.

Flood Group Constitution: SH signed the amended constitution as Treasurer. There is now a completed amended constitution (see previous minutes).

10        Date of next meeting: 29 November 2016, 4.00p.m.