20 Mar

Hebden Royd Flood Action Group Annual General Meeting 28th February 2017

1 Present: J.Chrysanthou (Chair), S Hoyle, P Thomasson, D Shackleton, SJ Robins, T Bannister, P Monahan, D Monahan, D Pratt, A Reardon, N Robertshaw, S. Ahmed (CMBC), J. Campbell (CMBC), A Entwistle, T. Hodgkins, T Walton, J Arnold (Environment Agency), K Crabtree, J Beacroft-Mitchell, J Ludlam (minutes). Apologies: K Boggis, T. Foulds, G and S Mitchell, D. Williams, S Hope, B Raynor, M. Davies

2 Minutes of AGM 17.3.2016: Agreed. There were no matters arising.

3 Minutes of ordinary meeting on 24.1.2017: Agreed.

4 Matters arising 24.1.2017: Insurance cover has been renewed with the help of JBM who had negotiated a reduced premium.  The cost in comparison with other local voluntary groups was raised. JA agreed to check Search and Rescue insurance arrangements and costs. Hebden Royd Council/ Jason Boom have agreed to continue holding finances for the group, provided that all dealings are through a single treasurer and that the protocols for approving spending are followed.

5 Reports:

JC gave a verbal report as Chair, summarising the agreement to work jointly across the Hebden Royd area, and acknowledging the contributions of all.

AR introduced his written report on the work in Mytholmroyd, (circulated in advance).

AE gave a verbal report on work in the Hebden Bridge area. One container has been relocated from Callis to Mytholmroyd, and alternative plans for Callis are being developed. JA will conduct a Land Registry search in relation to this. Other issues, including the need for more wardens, advice on use of equipment, recovery of equipment, parking problems (at Bridge Lanes), and the need for additional racking were mentioned. DM/ PM advised that a plaque is being designed for the Picture House, by the Local History group. Sources of funding were identified (CFFC, HRTC, Calderdale) and it was agreed that each local group should identify their needs urgently, including less obvious expenses such as admin support.

SH updated the Treasurer’s report given at the previous meeting. Some commitments which he thought were outstanding were in fact covered by the last report. There is therefore a healthier balance of £3250 approximately. He is resigning but is available to assist the new treasurer with any queries. It was agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent to Jason Boom.

JL (also resigning) circulated a short report. It was agreed that the new secretary should address the need to change to gmail and that local groups should review and update Flood Plans.

6 Elections of Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice Chair:

The meeting confirmed that the revised committee should hold evening meetings, that it should comprise four representatives from Mytholmoroyd and four from Hebden Bridge, and that the only meetings in addition to these would be local meetings of all interested volunteers, with a focus on the Flood Warden role and Flood Plans. The need to avoid duplication of the work of the Community Resilience Board was noted.

Mytholmroyd have identified their four committee reps as Alan Reardon, David Pratt, Nigel Robertshaw, and Danielle Williams.

Hebden Bridge have identified two people to date: Judi Chrysanthou, and Andrew Entwistle. JC/ AE will aim to identify two more volunteers before the first committee meeting.

Election of officers will be the first agenda item at the next committee meeting.

7 Constitution:

The meeting confirmed that the committee will/can review the constitution and amend if necessary.

8 Any other business:

The meeting was reminded that local meetings needed to consider how best to use local events for publicity and recruitment.