Flood Board Highlights - June 2018

The following infographic gives an overview of the Calderdale Flood Partnership's progress and highlights some of the key actions that have moved forward.

Click on the infographic for a printable, full size version. For detailed information and full progress reports on the Calderdale flood action plan, click here.



Appendix 1: Some areas of exceptional progress

The following are examples of projects that are on track to deliver beyond expectations.

Launch of natural flood management grants

The response to the first round of applications was overwhelming, reflecting a high level of landowner engagement made possible by the joint efforts of organisations within the SOURCE partnership. As a result of this success, the budget for the grant scheme has increased to £0.5m over two applications rounds and further sources of funding are being investigated by SOURCE, which brings together partners including Treesponsibility, the Calder Rivers Trust, National Trust, The Upper Calderdale Wildlife Group, Todmorden Moor Restoration Trust, Calder Futures, Calderdale Council, the Environment Agency, Moors for the Future/MoorLIFE, Slow the Flow Calderdale, Sticks and Stones, South Pennine Facilitation Fund, Pennine Prospects and the White Rose Forest.

Flood warden groups and warden recruitment/engagement

The status of the flood groups and network of flood wardens remains highly satisfactory despite a lack of recent major flood events. Communications are still taking place robustly in the Mytholmroyd group, six new wardens have joined the Todmorden group and the Hebden Bridge group is reviewing insurance and the possibility of moving away from sandbags to concentrate on rubber blocks.

Equipment is being upgraded including PPE torches and hi-vis and attendance by flood wardens at the recent networking event was excellent. This featured stands from partner organisations and flood resilience product suppliers, and wardens had a bigger role in the development and organisation of the event than in previous years.

Yorkshire Water delivery on most of their actions ahead of schedule

Yorkshire Water has 16 actions under the Strengthening Defences theme. These include feasibility studies around sewer flooding, modelling of drainage area plans and a regional study to understand the impacts of using water supply assets to reduce flooding (flood attenuation). 

It also has seven actions under the Water and Wastewater section of the Resilient Infrastructure theme including works on their reservoirs, sewage works and dams, and two under the Natural Flood Management theme to assess the potential impacts and implement measures on its land.

Of all these actions, 19 are complete, 3 are green rated and 3 are amber rated.

Recovery work delivered by Calderdale Council 

A £6m land stabilisation project at Scout Road is now complete. This follows the reconstruction of 3 major bridges, stabilisation of 2 further landslips, 401 bridge scour assessments and repair of 41km of flood damage carriageway since the 2015 floods. Scour works are now to recommence at 3 bridges to recommence as river levels subside.

These are just a few examples of areas where there has been outstanding progress but there are many more - too many to list here. To see the full flood action plan and recent progress reports, click here.


Appendix 2: Review of the flood action plan

The flood action plan is currently being reviewed through the four Operations Groups and the revised plan will be taken to the next Calderdale Flood Partnership Board meeting on 14 September. 

As part of this review actions with no report are being explored with a view to resolving the issues and making revisions where required.


Appendix 3: Red rated actions

Community Resilience - Action 64

Carry out modelling to identify communities and properties where natural flood management measures could potentially reduce the risk of flooding.

This action has been held up due to a possible need for additional resourcing and the fact that it is already partly covered by work carried out to date, including modelling work carried out by Thomas Mackay and JBA. A project that is currently in discussion with Leeds Uni/iCASP will also help deliver on this.

As part of the current review of actions in the plan the Environment Agency is investigating the potential for further work to collate and review all the existing relevant NFM modelling work and identify gaps.

Natural Flood Management – Action 137

Improve communications with public transport operators to enable them to better plan adjustments to their services and to issue travel warnings.

Following the establishment of links with public transport operators, the action is being further scoped to help facilitate information flow between partners.

This is being investigated as part of the review of the plan, and once it is better understood, the action may be pursued or amended depending on the outcome.


Appendix 4: Further information on progress in the Flood Action Plan

The Calderdale flood action plan can be viewed in full here along with a spreadsheet showing the latest progress on actions.

The flood action plan is currently being reviewed through the four Operations Groups and the revised plan will be taken to the next Calderdale Flood Partnership Board meeting on 14 September. Once updated, this will appear here.

For agendas and reports for previous and forthcoming meetings of the Calderdale Flood Recovery and Resilience Programme Board, see: Search agendas and reports.