Sowerby Bridge Flood Group

Welcome to Sowerby Bridge Flood Group

We always need more volunteers to attend the Flood Group meetings, to be familiar with their local Flood Store and available if there is a flood, or to sign up with the Environment Agency as Flood Wardens. None of these roles require you to be on a rota or always available. Alternatively if you would be willing to be contacted if and when help is needed please let us know.

Typical duties include attending training events such as “working in water” and first aid, and assisting the EA and Calderdale Council when they have exercises or real life events by reporting significant incidents. We continually clear litter to alleviate the risk of pluvial flooding (flash floods from rain running down streets and into buildings) and engage with social media to encourage other people to do so and warn them when it is forecast.

We engage with residents and businesses at risk from fluvial flooding (river overflowing), encourage them to have their own flood plans and are prepared to bang on doors to warn them of imminent danger. We keep an eye on weather forecasts and are given flood alerts, flood warnings and severe flood warnings. We have a couple of radios that we use during extreme events to keep the Environment Agency, council and emergency services appraised of what is happening and to call in resources as necessary.

Interested in getting involved? Please use the form to the right of this page to register your interest.