Hebden Bridge Flood Action Group

Hebden Bridge Flood Group formed in early 2013 to contribute to a better response to flooding and has developed a Community Flood Plan based on the four main areas in Hebden Bridge which have been flooded in the past.

The plan includes four containers, one in each of these areas, supported by local volunteers who manage the equipment to alleviate flooding to public areas and highways. They also provide help and advice to the public when flood alerts are issued.

It is important to remember that the volunteers do not distribute sandbags. Please click here to find out how sandbags are used in an emergency. You can find out about products designed to minimise the risk of flood damage to your property here.

Funds from the Community Foundation for Calderdale and Hebden Royd Town Council have paid for the containers and the equipment in them. The group also works closely with Calderdale Council and the Environment Agency to identify ways of preventing flooding and reducing the damage it does.

We recognise that flood defences and keeping rivers and drains clear are important ways to deal with flooding, but that there are also vital roles that we can take in improving land management, improving household and business preparation and improving community preparation. We also know that flooding has probably been a problem in our Pennine landscape since it became inhabited, and that climate change increases the risk of this happening more frequently and less predictably. 

We always need more volunteers to attend the Flood Group meetings, or to be familiar with their local Flood Store and available if there is a flood, or to sign up with the Environment Agency as flood wardens. None of these roles require you to be on a rota or always available.

Alternatively, if you would be willing to be contacted if and when help is needed please let us know.

Email hebdenfloodgroup@gmail.com to let us know how you would like to help and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Market Street Hebden Bridge
Callis Mill
Flash Flooding 2012
Eastwood,Hebden bridge June 2012
Hebden Bridge June 2012
Hebden Bridge 2012
After the Flood, Market Street 2012
Sandbed Villas after a flash flood August 2013
After the flood, the clean up