Todmorden Flood Group

We are a group of local people who wish to help our communities with issues regarding flooding

We wish to influence what happens before, during and after a flood event. We aim to identify and address the areas of concern that relate to flooding in our town, gathering together information and experiences from affected people. We also want to work closely with other organisations so that we are better equipped to cope with future flood events.

Why the community needs us

We receive information from members of our communities concerning problems, needs and opinions about actions felt necessary. We identify and support vulnerable members of our communities who at risk and live in properties prone to flooding. We develop effective communications between residents and all organisations, including companies who manage or influence flood risks (such as Calderdale Council, Todmorden Council, Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water).

Our impact on the community

We are creating flood resilience stores situated in seven key areas across Todmorden. These stores will include items to help before, during and after a flood event. We promote personal household flood resilience, assist with insurance queries and communicate with relevant agencies in order to create and implement local flood plans.

Contact us on 07368 154828 or email us at You can also join our Facebook group.


Walsden 2008
Flash Flood in Todmorden 2013
North Street, Todmorden
Todmorden 1982
Todmorden 1930's
Walsden 1950's
Flash Flooding at Croft Carr, Lumbutts, Todmorden July 2013