21 Aug

Meeting on 16th August 2016


Tim F informed us that the Shoulder of Mutton has agreed to us placing a container or using the container already there as storage for our equipment/flood aftermath store.

Tim F also told us that negotiations are still ongoing with the Working Men’s Club to site a container at the club.

Andrew E (Hebden Wardens) said we can have a container currently sited in Hebden but it needs to re-located by end of September.

Tim F also stated that Sainsbury’s and Coop are keen to interact with the Flood Wardens. 

The sandbags in St Michael’s Car Park could be re-located to the container in Shoulder Car Park if they have not deteriorated.  Shafiq to contact Highways department to get them removed if they have.

Flood Recovery:

Shafiq who is the Calderdale appointed Neighbourhood Coordinator for Flood Recovery (Mytholmroyd) introduced himself.  Shafiq will be based here for 2 years and has the task of working with all the groups in Mytholmroyd to form a strategic plan for any future flooding.  It covers things like where will a command centre be situated, hubs, etc. 

Wardens equipment:

Alan R said we had received a donation from the GMB Union members of £1000 to buy essential equipment for the wardens.

Jo A.  EA will provide whistles so wardens can attract attention in Flood situations

Jo A also distributed Flood Warden Jackets.  (we need to get some for missing members)

Light is a priority so head torches and pocket torches will be provided, if needed, to all wardens. Andrew E. to see if he can obtain a deal for bulk purchases.  Andrew to also see about purchasing them via the council procurement officer as that would eliminate VAT on any purchases.

Scott H to see if we can get spare batteries from Gordon Riggs.

Communications are vital in any flood situation so radio/walkie talkies need further investigation.  We need communication between the zones in Mytholmroyd and further communications up and down the valley.  It may mean 2 different types.  Alan to contact Robin to see how far he had got with this.

Room Hire:

We need to start paying for use of the White Ribbon offices.  Nominal fee of £7 per meeting. Andrew E said this should be payed out of the Hebden Royd account.  Tim F to pass quarterly bill to Andrew for payment from account.

Training Day 17th September in Leeds

Most wardens traveling by train.  There is a possibility that Geoff M will have received a number of free train travel passes by then.  If he has then they could be used for the journey. Geoff to keep us updated.


Christmas Market:

Mytholmroyd Christmas market is on 26th November.  Wardens to have a stall.  Chance for the community to meet the wardens for their area. 

Wardens could also be out on the roads to welcome people.

To be discussed/planed further in the October meeting.


Eye on Calder Website:

Alan R now has the logon details for the Mytholmroyd Flood pages under the Community Banner on the home page.  Training has been given by Jae Campbell.  Minutes, pictures and updates etc will start being put on our pages.

River Module in EA centre:

The water module has arrived and is sited in the EA centre on the Community Centre car park.  This allows people to ‘have a play’ to see how silt, bridges etc affect the flow of water.  Go and have a play.


Alan R said it was time to start raising the profile of the wardens in Mytholmroyd.

Alan to post an introduction to the wardens on local Facebook Groups.

Date of meetings to be published on Facebook and Eye on Calder.

Leaflets and business cards to be produced.

Tim F suggested a warden walk about in Mytholmroyd to meet people and introduce ourselves. Business Cards and leaflets could be handed out.


E.A Contacts:

Jo A. asked who should be the primary contact for the duty EA officer.  I think it was decided Karl?  We need to determine a cascade order of who calls who to alert the whole team.  Can’t be left to one person to contact everyone else.