How to Build an Effective Sandbag Barrier

“One of the most important issue that faces anyone that is at risk of flooding, or who has already suffered an incidence, is how to make your property flood resilient. That is how to protect and arrange your property so that in the event of a flood your home will suffer the least amount of damage and will be habitable in a short time afterwards.” National Flood Forum


The Council does not provide sandbags directly to members of the public.

We hold stocks of sandbags to allow our contractors to respond to Environment Agency flood warnings as quickly as possible, by deploying sandbags in places where there is a known significant risk of flooding of the highway or where there is a risk of flooding to properties from the highway. We require unhindered access to sandbags to ensure a speedy response to at-risk locations.

Residents who need sandbags in other circumstances are advised to contact their local builder’s merchant to obtain these.

Sandbags will not normally be deployed to areas unless an Environment Agency flood warning has been issued. Whilst we understand public concern at times of heavy rainfall, it is most important that our limited resources are targeted to the areas of greatest risk and to the benefit of the whole community.

This policy is currently under review