Flood Resilience News

  • Don't be complacent

    Don't be complacent 0

    08/10/2015 12:19:26

    With almost five million people at risk of flooding in England, it is important that people know they are at risk and what they can do to prepare for flooding.

    There is a tendency for us all to think that "flooding will never happen to me".  The fact is - it could.  In winter 2013/2014 we saw widespread flooding caused by the largest coastal surge in …

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  • Website Update

    Website Update 0

    21/09/2015 09:12:27

    Acting on comments from users we have instituted a number of changes to the website which we hope will make things easier for users.

    The How Do I? page has had a number of changes made to explain how to use the various sections of the website and a number of new explanatory graphics have been added. If this is your first-time visiting Eye on Calderdale, why not pay it a visit?


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  • Flood defence schemes update

    Flood defence schemes update 0

    19/08/2015 11:05:37

    Wednesday, 19 August 2015

    In the aftermath of the floods of summer 2012, a programme of schemes to reduce the risk of flooding in the Upper Calder Valley is progressing well, with one completed and two more due to be finished between October and the end of February, including the work at Nutclough.

    The works have been developed by the Environment Agency, in partnership with Calderdale …

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  • Todmorden Fire Station Flood Siren - False Alarm

    Todmorden Fire Station Flood Siren - False Alarm 0

    02/07/2015 12:50:19

    As at least some of you will be aware, one of the Todmorden sirens (at the fire station) sounded this morning. This occurred during a routine mechanical testing and maintenance check where unfortunately the siren was not disconnected before the testing began. We apologise for any confusion or trouble that this may have caused you and others within the community. All sirens have now been tested so …

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  • Upper Calder Flood Risk Reduction Scheme update: 10/06/15

    Upper Calder Flood Risk Reduction Scheme update: 10/06/15 0

    23/06/2015 08:15:06

    Shop Lock, Todmorden

    West of Shop Lock, water from the Rochdale Canal overtopped onto the towpath north of the canal. This water then flowed eastwards along the towpath towards Union Street South by-passing Shop Lock. The gradient and profile of the towpath was such that over surface flow entered the car park over the stepped wall and the ramped access point. Once the flow reached the car park …

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  • Upper Calder flood risk reduction schemes

    Upper Calder flood risk reduction schemes 0

    18/06/2015 09:16:05

    Works are progressing, in partnership with the Environment Agency, on the Upper Calder flood risk reduction schemes.

    At the Shop Lock site, Todmorden, the works are nearing completion and at Bacup Road, Todmorden, drainage works are starting.

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  • Gale-force winds & torrential rain leave trail of destruction at Ripponden 31-03-15

    Gale-force winds & torrential rain leave trail of destruction at Ripponden 31-03-15 0

    15/04/2015 07:14:52

    As gusts of up to 78mph battered the district, onlookers watched in shock and amazement as flash floods swept up a parked car and slammed it into the front of a guest house.

    A flooding emergency was declared in Old Bank at Ripponden just after midnight when a culvert burst sending a 3ft torrent of water gushing down the road.

    Three cars were engulfed in the floodwater and firefighters from …

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  • Major risks emerge as Government cuts funding for flood defence maintenance

    Major risks emerge as Government cuts funding for flood defence maintenance 0

    15/04/2015 07:14:34



    Hebdenbridge Today


    A total of one in six properties are at risk of flooding from coastal, river and surface water with a Commons committee today saying that a Government focus on announcing major projects has overlooked day to day maintenance costs.... …

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  • Flood resilience work begins

    Flood resilience work begins 0

    15/04/2015 07:14:14

    Work on the first phase of new a flood resilience scheme has began in the Calder Valley.

    The scheme, which started on Monday in Todmorden, is expected to improve more than 450 properties in the Upper Calder Valley.

    The Environment Agency is working alongside Calderdale Council, Yorkshire Water and the Canal and River Trust to deliver the series of projects that aims to reduce the risk of …

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  • Addressing future flooding

    Addressing future flooding 0

    15/04/2015 07:13:53

    Since the flooding in the upper Calder Valley during summer 2012, Calderdale Council has been working with partners, examining the causes and assessing what steps can be taken to minimise future floods.

    The Council has prepared a detailed Flood Recovery Plan [PDF file 1325KB].

    This plan identifies actions which the Council and other organisations may need to take to mitigate the effects …

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