Flood Resilience News

  • Addressing future flooding

    Addressing future flooding 0

    15/04/2015 07:13:53

    Since the flooding in the upper Calder Valley during summer 2012, Calderdale Council has been working with partners, examining the causes and assessing what steps can be taken to minimise future floods.

    The Council has prepared a detailed Flood Recovery Plan [PDF file 1325KB].

    This plan identifies actions which the Council and other organisations may need to take to mitigate the effects …

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  • Flood risk management in Calderdale

    Flood risk management in Calderdale 0

    15/04/2015 07:13:21

    Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, Calderdale Council is a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) and has responsibilities to co-ordinate flood management activities.

    Under those responsibilities, the Council is working with key external partners – including the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and the Canal & River Trust - to identify areas which are at risk of flooding, …

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