Yellow Warning of Rain Thur 6th - Fri 7th July

Possibility of seeing some more ‘impactful’ but localised, heavy and thundery downpours later on Thursday, and overnight into the early hours of Friday. The vast majority of us will miss the thunderstorms, but for the unfortunate few, there will be some real downpours, with frequent lightning, gusty winds and some large hailstones.

The Yellow Warning of Rain (very low likelihood, medium impacts) is valid from 06:00 on Thursday to 06:00 on Friday. At the moment, it highlights a large ‘at risk’ area and only a very few locations within this area actually see any impacts. That’s just the nature of heavy showers and thunderstorms, but on Thursday it will be possible to track the downpours and lightning by using the facilities on Hazard Manager. As a reminder, here are the impact tables for rain