23 Jan

Update on traffic management in Mytholmroyd - 23rd January 2018

Traffic management went ‘live’ on 15th January 2018 on Burnley Road in Mytholmroyd. The first three week period will allow  investigation work for the new drainage systems proposed for the Flood Alleviation Scheme to be undertaken. 

This will be followed by the main scheme construction works which are expected to start early in April (potentially sooner). Although there will be some breaks in the need for traffic management, it will be a feature of the works almost throughout the duration of the programme. The work will be carried out along Burnley Road in phases for the duration of the scheme which is expected to last for 85 weeks. 

Due to the proximity of the river to the road, the traffic management scheme is unavoidable at the flood alleviation work needs to be done from the highway. The Environment Agency is working with Calderdale Council to minimise any disruption.

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