10 May

NFM grant scheme launched in Calderdale

Calderdale farmers and landowners now have an opportunity to help deliver natural flood management (NFM) and contribute to flood mitigation and alleviation. NFM techniques can contribute to holding more water in the land, temporarily storing more water and slowing the flow of water across the land.
As part of the Calderdale flood action plan currently being delivered, Calderdale Council has been working with the Environment Agency and the SOURCE partnership with support from the Woodland Trust on a new grant scheme to help deliver NFM measures. Initially £200,000 is being released by the Environment Agency and Calderdale Council to support delivery of NFM interventions.
The scheme was launched on Wednesday 9 May and initial applications need to be with Calderdale Council by Wednesday 20 June. Grants will pay for the cost of the measures installed and cover some of the future maintenance costs.
The application form and supporting information detail the type of measures which will be funded and are available here. There is also a link to wider guidance from The Environment Agency and Moors for the Future Partnership on techniques that landowners can use to help store rainwater and slow surface water release to local streams, rivers and canals.
For any enquiries regarding the grant process please contact NFM@calderdale.gov.uk.

Posted in: natural flood management, flood resilience