Hebden Bridge Flood Alleviation Scheme Drop-in for Hebden Bridge 27th Feb 4pm - 7pm

You will no doubt be aware that work is ongoing to develop a Flood Alleviation Scheme for Hebden Bridge.

Hydraulic Modelling work is ongoing to help identify the most beneficial solution for the town and surrounding area. In addition to flooding from rivers, the scheme will aim to address surface water issues in the town. This will focus on flooding caused by heavy rainfall which overwhelms the drainage system. For example, the flash flood events of July 2006 and July 2012.The map overleaf outlines the areas we are investigating as part of this surface water study.

On 27th February we will have a small team based at Hebden Bridge Town Hall between 4pm – 7pm. We would like to take this opportunity to gather knowledge and anecdotal evidence from the community on the surface water issues that have occurred over the years. If you would like to attend to discuss your experiences, share evidence (such as photos or videos from flood events), or your ideas, your contribution would be much appreciated.

If you are unable to make this date but would like to contribute any evidence or information on surface water issues, you can do so by emailing HebdenbridgeFAS@environment-agency.gov.uk before the 27th February.

We look forward to working in partnership with you and the wider community as the scheme continues to develop.

Helen Batt, Catchment Director - Calderdale