Calder flood volunteers rush to rescue their neighbours - 15 December 2017

Calder flood volunteers rush to rescue their neighbours

Big-hearted volunteers from the Calder Valley went over to Lancashire to help a hand following flooding that affected around 250 properties.

They unblocked drains, pumped out flood water and took over cleaning supplies donated by the Calderdale community.

They were joined by volunteers from the Rapid Relief team and Team Rubicorn. Calderdale Council and Lancaster City Council are now working together to make plans to help each other during flood events. The Calder Valley flood wardens and volunteers are now working with the affected communities to offer support and advice on river stewardship, implementing natural flood management schemes and setting up their own flood warden group.

Trevor Bannister, flood warden in the Calder Valley, said: “Whilst it was a horrible event for people to go through, there are positive outcome that should benefit both areas.”